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The Regenerative Materials Movement: Dispatches from Practitioners, Researchers, and Advocates draws on the expertise of a diverse range of thought leaders across the industry who share their stories, research, revelations, and insights in a series of dispatches, which together help sketch a bold vision for overcoming the drawbacks of our current materials economy. Juliet Grable served as editor on the project, which was published in September 2023.

What if we could experience the same physical, psychological, and emotional benefits moving through an urban landscape that we experience walking through a forest? Creating Biophilic Buildings, written by Amanda Sturgeon and edited by Juliet Grable, highlights fourteen buildings that illustrate how to create places where people and nature can thrive together.

Regenerative Retrofit: California’s First Living Building tells the story of the Arch Nexus Sacramento building, a 1950s-era warehouse that has been transformed into California’s first certified Living Building.

Brock Environmental Center for a Living Chesapeake chronicles the efforts of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation to create a resilient and beautiful environmental center that coexists in harmony with a sensitive wetland environment.

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Other Side of the Hill is a 30-minute documentary that explores the impacts of a changing climate in rural Eastern Oregon, as seen through the eyes of local leaders on the ground. From innovative timber operations in Wallowa County to large scale solar in Lakeview, the film amplifies rural voices and reaches across the cultural divide, finding common ground in the urgency to address a changing landscape. The film was co-produced by Juliet Gable and James Parker of Synchronous Pictures.

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