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Juliet Grable is a freelance writer who lives in southern Oregon. Her work has appeared in many national and regional magazines, including Popular Science, Audubon, Sierra, Washington Post, Green Builder, Home Power, Earth Island Journal, Oregon Humanities, Redwoods Magazine, Travel Oregon, and 1859. She has also authored three books (and edited a fourth) for Ecotone Publishing. She has helped produce a short documentary and is currently collaborating on a feature length film with Synchronous Pictures.


Juliet writes about the built environment, energy, climate change, species conservation, environmental restoration, and rural communities. She also pens profiles and travel stories, mostly covering Oregon and Northern California. Juliet served as managing editor for Green Builder Magazine and still writes for Confluence Communications on a range of technical topics for building professionals pursuing continuing education credits.


Juliet is a volunteer firefighter and EMT for the Greensprings Rural Fire District. On her off time, she can be found exploring back roads and back country with her husband Brint and pup Roca. Domestic pursuits include baking, playing music with friends, and catering to her feline overlords.

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